For me someone special, she will always remain,
My heart is so full of happiness there is no room for pain.

I know I love her, I know how I feel,
Things have changed now, changed with the turning of time wheel.

With her besides me, the sun forever seems to shine,
She is far from me, but in my heart forever mine.

She is my need, she is my desire,
If I said I don’t love her, I would be a liar.

Then I met him, a kind, genuine and a gentle man,
Who seemingly loved her the way I thought only I can.

I told him I loved a girl, without revealing her name,
He promised me, he will help me get closer to her much the same.

As time passed, I realized that he loved her, more than I know,
Then, I thought, why let my feelings show.

He then went and confessed his feelings to her,
She accepted him, and now she is his forever.

People who know me, say I have been a fool in this love game,
I don’t think I have lost; things for me still remain the same.

Friends we were, friends we still remain.
How do I define my relationship with her, for it never really had a name.

He will always treat her well, not make her feel sad,
It makes me a satisfied man, a happy man, makes me glad.

Is love not about wishing the person best forever,
My dear I wish you the best whenever, wherever.

Whenever you need me, just let out a call,
I will be there to stop you from tumbling, I will break your fall.

Thinking of you two together, makes me smile,
You two are so happy together, happiness I haven’t felt for quite a while.

Friends today, friends we will be everyday,
A smile comes to my face, when I think that you two will be together some day.

I don’t think so I have lost, but as a matter of fact I have won,
For now I have two friends near to me, before it was only one.

Don’t think of it as a sacrifice I have made,
The path I follow remains the same, as it was already laid.

I don’t cry for it is over, I smile because it is still there,
Things happen in life, things change for which we care.

Just the thought of love, brings a smile to my face,
Isn’t love what we need today, in a world so full of hate.

My heart knows my secrets, the secrets that lie really deep,
I hope they never come out of their keep.

So, I smile today, as I always would,
What is bad but the signal of coming good.

© Bhuvan Gupta