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Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in time I did something wrong,
These thoughts come to me me as I write this song.

What I did was not a smart thing to do,
What I have to do, to drive away the feeling that is so blue.

Somewhere,somehow I always wanted to give her the best,
Not thinking openly, not giving my mind rest.

I have learned a lesson, and now its too late,
Somethings done sooner the better, some can wait.

I guess life just goes on,
What was once mine is now gone.

I have to pull myself together,
But these feelings will now surround me, now and forever.

The pain inside me has to break free,
To make myself strong, for that the need be.

A broken heart is patched up, but the memory remains,
I guess that is what love is somebody looses,somebody gains.

Somewhere in time I did something wrong,
These thoughts come to me me as I write this song.

What is love, but a mirage,
Everything is here,yet something is at large.

What do you do,when someone you love makes you cry,
Time just goes on and it can never again come by.

Is this pain I feel as I write,
I will come back, back with all my might.

© Bhuvan Gupta

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Kcalpesh said...

Good one man, when are you going to publish more of them?

Mangesh Saraf said...

Simply great keep posting such poems.....just one thing is this poem about you?

Angel said...

good poem.. finaly u started a dont stop writing...

Mukta said...

Very touching...You are gifted dude...Don't keep your poems to yourself now....You must post them all one by one :-)

Prachi Goswami said...

Great poem dear,
Very touching, mujhe ek gaana yaad agaya teri poem padne ke baad
for u (Dil ke arma poem ban gaye........)
keep writing we will love to read it. :)

Sonali said...

Never expected such good poem from u .. Good one

Ashwini murthy said...

people feel more than what they realise. people realise more than what they express...people express more than what they actually your case you can do all these things....and ur medium is Writing
keep writing!

Vinayak said...

Very nice ...

neildream said...

I just loved this! zabardast